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Petco Locations

Petco in Ashburn has never been easier to find.

Petco in Ashburn is a chain of pet supply stores located throughout the United States with headquarters in San Diego, California and was founded in 1965 by a private equity group. They specialize in pet services and products ranging from Leashes to pet food and also sell live animals. They lean toward a "Adopt first" and purchase after program which contributes to the better good of both the animal and owner.

They also have a upper end brand that specializes in organic and natural food which they named "Unleashed". Up until 2005, they sold exotic birds but has ceased in accordance with PETA. Petco has 2 mascots in their logo which are comprised of a dog named Red Ruff and a cat named Blue Mews which can be seen attached to their logo on many products.

Petco only sales pet food which meets their guidelines which they call Petco Certified Nutrition. They also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to where if the customer is not satisfied with the food then they will refund the purchase. They also support many animal-welfare groups to look out for the pet and its owner.

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